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Kansas City Gay Pride

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The kansas city community is proud of it's gay citizens and embraces them and wish them a very enjoyable and successful gay pride week 2011 starting May 31st.

The Show Pride Organisation is pleased to have sponsors, both corporate and individual, that continue to show their support and belief in our organization and efforts. The worthwhile causes include our HIV/AIDS educational efforts, support for local and national politicians, fund-raising for local and national causes affecting gays and lesbians in our communities and elsewhere, emissarial responsibilities to other venues, as well as the festival itself – a celebration of Stonewall, and the liberation of a group to convene in a public place. With sponsorship comes privileges and rewards.The gay and lesbian population is the third largest diverse group in the nation, with a 641 billion dollar purchasing power, and are 94% brand loyal to companies who market directly to this group. Make sure you don’t miss the incredible opportunity our sponsorship program offers on the following pages.

The mission of Show Me Pride is to
Develop and
our community promoting LGBT diversity and civil liberties, locally and globally.

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